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Reversible charm casting mat. Charm casting divination

Reversible charm casting mat. Charm casting divination

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This is a double sided mat, that is in a soft foldable, washable spandex. To view the mat properties copy/paste this link. This is just to demonstrate the lovely flexible Spandex materials.

You will receive the flexible spandex mat it is printed on both sides so you simply flip it over if you want a empty cup with the monthly markers on it or if you want all the designated topic symbols in the cup and still with monthly markers on this side of the mat.

**Teacup mat only
**Teacup mat + 45 charm kit. (Comes with 10 free pdf casting sheets emailed to you for you to print at home)

It is soft and washable and folds up easy for portability. Size approximately is 13" long by 11" high.

This mat can be used for either psychic readings or mediumship if you want to. What I've been doing is I first use it on the symbol side and drop only a couple of charms first to ask, "what area does spirit believe I need to work on" in the first pic you will see a few charms. For example if I cast Suitcase over horseshoe, sewing machine over cat. Anything outside the cup so these go back into the bowl. It is only what lands in the cup that counts. So suitcase over horseshoe would tell me leisure time is fast approaching so start preparing. Sewing machine over cat tells me it's time to put things together and learn to trust. So these two symbols combined I feel is more about an emotional journey than a physical one. Trusting oneself to get past the emotional journey. It may be that the sitter has trust issues and it would be time to move on from this particular problem. With a sitter I would then flip over to the blank side and cast charms again for what the sitter needs to do to bring forth the changes. You can then also use the little outside beads as time markers. Timing in a cup holds maximum of 12 months just like looking into a clock. You would divide the cup into 4 quarters if you were using this as a 12 month reading. You also have the option of 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months. It's up to you the intention of what time frame you wish to read for

I have designed this casting sheet and I love this soft medium as when you cast charms they do not bounce off the casting mat.

This item is for ONE ONLY casting sheet that is by order only and will be shipped directly to you from my printer.

Care Instructions:
Hand or gentle machine wash at thirty degrees or cold, do not use chlorine based bleach or harsh detergents, do not iron, do not dry clean, avoid spin dry, squeeze off water, hang to dry in shade, do not tumble, avoid rough surfaces, sun cream can damage fabric

Note: There are certain countries that I have experienced great difficulties in shipping goods to. Please enquire by message to me if you feel your location may be in a hard to reach category. If you have placed your order and are in a difficult to reach shipping location I shall refund you in full.

This is a casting sheet which is used with my tea leaf reading charms also available here in my Etsy store. This sheet could also be used with runes, witches runes, pendulums, dice or any other sort of divination to your hearts desire.

Casting sheets have various boxes with relevant questions in each box and one scatters the charms over the casting sheet to find their answers.

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See your shipping address as a card reading, where CLARITY AND ACCURACY are key!

I am the owner and designer of Tea With Karin Tea Leaf Reading cards and charm casting sheets and I self publish and distribute only my own creative works. All creative works and my collection of my Tea Leaf Reading Cards and any corresponding instruction booklets are owned and copyrighted by me. Any reproductions are an infringement of copyright.

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