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White Gold tea leaf reading teacup set.

White Gold tea leaf reading teacup set.

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🔮✨ 🌟 Discover Your Future: Our Fortune Teller Teacups are your gateway to exploring the mysteries of your destiny. No special skills are required – you'll be reading teacups like a pro in no time.

☕️🌟 Accurate and Mind-Blowing: These teacups take the guesswork out of tea leaf reading. Their accuracy is truly mind-blowing, providing you with valuable insights into your future. Here is a fabulous video that gives you all the hints and tips on how to use my Fortune teller teacups.

✨🎁 Complete Tea Leaf Reading Set:
🥄 Elegant Teaspoon: An elegant teaspoon picture as our gift to you, adding a touch of grace to your tea rituals.
🍵 Tea Samples: Sample Karin’s special tea leaf reading blends, specially curated to enhance your readings.
📖 Symbols Guidebook: A guidebook filled with the secrets of tea leaf reading symbols, making each cup a window to your destiny.

Why choose our Fortune Teller Teacups?
🍃 Vegan-Friendly: We care about your values. Our teacups are 100% vegan, made with ethical materials that respect the environment and our furry friends. 😻🐶

🍽️ Food Safe: Your safety is our top priority. Our teacups are rigorously tested and certified food-safe, ensuring you can enjoy your tea rituals with peace of mind. Our fortuneteller teacups have PERMANENT food-safe images that will withstand any harsh use. These are made to be used on a daily basis and are perfectly safe to drink from.

💎 Luxury Plus: The allure of real 24kt gold! Any gold that is visible on our Fortune Teller Teacups is genuine 24kt gold, adding a touch of unparalleled luxury to your divination experience.

📚 Free Fortune Teller Teacup Course: Unlock the full potential of your teacups with our exclusive online self-paced video course. Learn the art in how to use your fortune teller teacup. Upon request, it's an exclusive resource to enhance your divination skills without overwhelming your inbox. Just let us know, and we'll be delighted to provide you with this valuable asset. It’s a gift from us to you, a journey of self-discovery that’s as unique as your future.

🍃 Add-On Options:
Enhance your tea leaf reading experience with Karin's own tea leaf reading blend of loose leaf tea. Each bag contains 25 grams of loose leaf tea, perfect for your readings.

🎁 Perfect for a Gift: Whether you’re treating yourself or delighting a loved one, our Fortune Teller Teacups make a perfect gift. Share the magic of divination and the joy of sipping from these captivating cups. (If you are giving your teacup as a gift to a loved one just let us know their details after you have presented them with the gift and we can enrol them into the free online course so we don’t want to spoil the surprise.)

☕️Caring for your teacup set. I have put my teacups through major testing before I started selling them. You can view the video here to see what I did with them.

🔐Unlock the secrets of the leaves as you sip from these magical cups. They’re not just teacups; they’re gateways to your future. Each sip reveals hidden messages, offering you a glimpse into what the universe has in store for you.

✈️ Shipping:
All teacup items are sent with standard tracked services. Please note that responsibility transfers to you once your item enters your country's shipping/mailing system.

🎱 Don’t wait to embark on this mystical journey. Own your very own Fortune Teller Teacup today and sip your way to destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a curious novice, these cups are your perfect companions in the world of divination.

🔮🍵✨ Get ready to embrace the mysteries that await you. Order your Fortune Teller Teacup today and let the magic of tea leaf reading unfold before your eyes! 🔮🍵✨

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